Got a plan?

Strategic business planning isn’t something you’ll find with other web development companies. 

Your CWS Team understands that the purpose of having a website at all is to achieve your business goals.  As we define your business goals, we give them momentum by utilizing the analytical results to develop a website that is built to deliver.  Furthermore, we monitor and tweak it for optimal performance.  As your business grows, we track the results and manage each step with your project management software.

Your CWS Planning Guide is your business plan.  Every business needs one.  Does yours walk hand-in-hand with your web-business?  We’ll partner with you to make strategic planning a cinch.  We think it’s our job to help you define a clear picture of where you are, and where you want to go.  The Planning Guide is a great tool, because (like your site) it is designed to grow with your business.

First, we’ll talk with you about your sales goals and your target market.  Then, we’ll outline your services, goals, features and functions.  We help you assess your marketing strategy: target market, referenced sites SITE Architecture, and design.   Do you currently have a powerful brand?  Does it clearly represent what you stand for, and work to bring you business?

Let's work together to build your business plan, and create an amazing website that drives your business.

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